Botanical Dye Experience Spring 022

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Glad you're here, but you're too early!

We don't have any fixed dates for our Botanical Dye Experience 022 in Mykonos yet. Do you want us to keep you up to date? Then subscribe to our newsletter!

This is, what's coming up:

Discover the wonders of botanical dyeing and create your own designer piece:

A colorful breakout that stimulates the senses, teaches new skills and opens up creative potential.
Enjoy quiet moments under the Mykonian sun with like-minded people - in a magical place with a breathtaking view of the Chora and the old harbor.


Everyday material: fresh flower blossoms from the garden, spices like turmeric and other edibles. They are non-toxic, eco-friendly and perfect for fabric dyeing with the ‚bundle dye‘ technique.
In our BOTANICAL DYE EXPERIENCE, fashion stylist and professional botanical dyer Anke Didier will show you how to bundle dye on fabric and create very intuitive and unique patterns - a knowledge that you can take with you and build on at home.


  • You will be introduced to the beautiful alchemy of botanical bundling
  • You can try out different methods and fibres.
  • Your masterpiece will be a botanically self-dyed silk scarf.
  • You do not need any previous knowledge for this class.
  • All materials will be provided: all dye plants, pre-treated fabrics,your silk scarf and our logbook form for the record  


As early as 1950, „Papa Ioannis“ took care of his parents‘ land and animals on this patch of earth. Later, he began to build his „village“ with a single house, the cornerstone of what we see today: an individual place in family hands.

Agia Sofia – Mykonos Island, 84600